Sunday, April 18, 2010

death of a lobster.

well, that went by waaay too fast.

the last days of school were filled with distillery field trips, wine and beer tastings, appetizer competitions, and of course, LOBSTER DAY.  

the final day of pro-skills was the production of lobster risotto from start to scratch.  that being said, i got to dispatch my first live lobster.

it was awesome. except the part when i tried to clean the lobster tail (after being removed from the body) and it snapped and i dropped it on the floor. three times. hahaha.

the plating wasn't all that exciting...

but this part was:

i heart lobster. from Jane Hashimawari on Vimeo.

yes, that is a beating lobster heart.

this was fun too:

death of a lobster. from Jane Hashimawari on Vimeo.

we finished off school with a bang and threw a big party for all of the finishing students from both night and day classes.  everyone cooked up a little something--beet and pear salad like always for me. awards and scholarships were handed out (i was awarded the "president's award" and recieved a $500 scholarship!), pictures were taken, hugs were given. i look back to only six months ago and i can still say that this was the best decision i have ever made.  the next 3 months will probably be the most challenging.  i'll be working around 70-80 hours a week at both castagna and biwa.  after that, who knows?

anyone want to open up a food cart with me?

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