Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello Friends!
     As many of you may know, I'll be hanging up the "whereisjane" backpacking pack this fall to pursue my other great love: cooking.  This by no means means that the "whereisjane" travels have ended, but a new chapter has begun.  I've finally decided that I want to become a chef and will be attending the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon in October.
     Some of you may be wondering where the moniker "whereisjane" originated.  I began a videoblog called "whereisjane" on youtube around 3 years ago when I first started backpacking through Europe and then to South America.  I filmed where I was, what I was eating, with a bit of history and perspective for those that weren't there with me.  It gave my friends and family a way to see what I was seeing so that they may feel like they were part of the experience as well.  Traveling had not only opened my eyes to different cultures but also experience how food shapes people's lives in different ways around the world. 
    I have decided to keep that user name to share my new adventures in the culinary world as I learn to cook my way through culinary school. 
     I hope you will enjoy it with me.


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  1. Jane! I will come and visit you as soon as I can! Good luck!