Wednesday, December 30, 2009

and bacon.

whoops, i forgot to add the "and bacon" part to the last post! what holiday wouldn't be complete without a post on bacon!

my mom made a large batch of omochi for me to take back with me to portland.  omochi or mochi is basically sweet rice that has been steamed and then pounded into a dough. we form them into patties/balls which you can eat as is, or stuff azuki (sweet red beans) inside among other things.  needless to say, we have a prized hashimawari family recipe my grandmother invented, that i am now going to share with all of you...

bacon omochi:
1 omochi
1 slice of bacon
1 piece of nori (dried seaweed)
soy sauce

wrap bacon around omochi so that the seam side is down. heat your pan on medium heat and place omochi in pan seam side down. brown on all sides. remove from pan and wrap with nori. dip in soy sauce as you wish.

probably the most simple but ingenious thing ever invented. my grandma is a genious...don't even get me started with her ham wrapped fried eggs....

bacon omochi!!!

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  1. There is no life without bacon...any time of the year. :)