Tuesday, December 15, 2009


well, maybe i'm being a little dramatic. but it has been almost a month since my last entry. (back from the dead?) i've been juggling school and two jobs in which i haven't had a day off in 20 days.  i work at jake's grill doing banquet catering (it's a machine) during the week.  i then work at biwa on the weekends to complete/start the new week. the personal hygiene and eating thing has become secondary in all of this (maybe i am a zombie?). i actually told my roomates to not be modest in telling me if i look like a sickly and smelly thing, to take a shower and stuff food down my throat.

on the flip side of things, i think the major catering events are done for the season at jake's (no more multiple daily events of 500 people), which means i'm only getting at the most, one shift a week.  time to look for another job (i'm barely paying the bills people!). this also means, more recipe updates! i haven't cooked at home in probably 3 weeks, so get ready!

ooh, i should also mention that i completed my first term at oci (with flying colors)!  i started my second term last week and we started things off with egg cookery and breakfast dishes (which is good, because i always forget to eat breakfast. on the other hand, i also don't know how much more hollandaise i can eat.).  we move on to BEEF next.

yes, beef. finally. beef.

alright, i just got home from work and it is now 1am...i should probably go to sleep before i start to crave brains...

check back for an update this week!


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