Tuesday, November 17, 2009

trust a skinny chef.

whoever said, "never trust a skinny chef," was wrong.  i've come to realize in the last couple weeks (having school full time and working two jobs) that the ones that work the hardest are in fact, the ones you should trust.  among the cooks and chefs that i have been working with, the majority (including myself), are deteriorating and emaciated bodies (sure maybe some of them are dabbling in other vices...). but i found that working long shifts, day after day, exhausts the body so much, you either forget (or service is so busy) to eat a full meal, or you get too tired to eat and all you want to do is sleep. the last thing i want to do is cook a meal at midnight at home after working 10 hours. ya know?

of course, i taste the food as i cook. but what's in a few tablespoons of cream? don't get me wrong. i love to eat. but i think i'd rather sleep sometimes...

that being said, i am enjoying my life in the kitchen. biwa is always fun and jake's catering is eye-opening (500 plates in 12 minutes!). it's fast-paced, creative, thrilling, exciting and challenging, all at once.

to follow up on my whine-fest, i should add that hardly, if any, cooking has been going on at home. i promise, more recipes will come soon.  but don't worry mom, i went out and bought some broccolli and fruit yesterday!

to appease you all, i have posed in this photo with a stalk of brussel sprouts in my shnazy school uniform.


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  2. Jane: I love the picture. Can you believe I had my first brussel sprouts EVER last week at Farm when I was in Portland? It was fine, but not terribly exciting. There has to be a better way to prepare them. I saw them all over the Portland farmer's market. Beautiful in the stalks. Let me know if you have a good receipe.

  3. hey tina! although, i love a good vegetarian dish, i must say that brussel sprouts go GREAT with bacon. yes, i am a bacon advocate, but seriously, dice some bacon up, render some of that fat out and use it to sautee the brussel sprouts in it. you should blanch and shock the brussel sprouts first to get them tender (then throw em' in the pan). you can always add a little chopped garlic and shallots into the mix. hope this helps! also, make sure to come by biwa the next time you're in town!!!

  4. jane, you are wasting away! also, i love brussel sprout stalks!